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United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC)


The UN Compensation Commission is a subsidiary body of the UN Security Council that processes claims and pays compensation for losses resulting from Iraq’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait (1990-1991). The commission and its Governing Council are based in Geneva. The Commission’s work is overseen by the Governing Council, which is composed of the representatives of the current 15 members of the Security Council. Compensation awards are payable to successful claimants from a special Compensation Fund that receives proceeds from sales of Iraqi oil.

By mid-2003, millions of claims had been processed and reviewed by panels of Commissioners. As a result of the awards approved by the Governing Council, more than 1.5 million claimants have received compensation, the great majority having been paid in full..

The creation and structure of the Compensation Commission were provided for in the UN Security Council’s resolution 687, of April 3, 1991. Resolution 687 reaffirmed that Iraq “is liable under international law for any direct loss, damage, including environmental damage and the depletion of natural resources, or injury to foreign Governments, nationals and corporations, as a result of Iraq’s unlawful invasion and occupation of Kuwait.”

The Governing Council is the policy-setting and decision-making organ of the Commission. Among other functions, it issues guidelines for the submission of claims and procedures applied in processing those claims. The Governing Council approves all awards for compensation on the basis of detailed reports and recommendations prepared by expert panels of commissioners.

Further details can be found on the UNCC website