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International Telecommunication Union


The International Telecommunication Union is an intergovernmental organization which brings together governments and industry to coordinate the establishment and operation of global telecommunication networks and services. The ITU consists of Member States and Sector Members representing public and private companies.

The purposes of the Union are to promote the development of technical facilities in order to improve the efficiency of telecommunication services, making them as widely available as possible; to harmonize the actions of Member States and promote cooperation and partnership between Member States and Sector Members; to promote, at the international level  a broader approach to the issues of telecommunications in the global information economy and society, by cooperating with other intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations concerned with telecommunications.

To pursue its objectives ITU elaborates international treaties, within which countries frame their national legislation, and adopts international regulations governing all terrestrial and space uses of the frequency spectrum including satellite orbits. It also adopts technical standards that foster global interconnectivity and interoperability.

The World Summit on the Information Society held on behalf of the UN, which goal is to develop a plan to bridge the digital divide between developed and less developed nations is organized by ITU in two phases – Geneva /2003/ and Tunis /2005/.

Further details can be found on the ITU website